Condensation Technology

Kurita Dropwise Technology improves productivity and boosts heat transfer efficiency in industrial systems and heat exchangers. The product is dosed continuously into the steam line in front of the target device creating a water repellent film on the surfaces. Increasing the water repellency greatly improves heat transfer efficiency, which helps to optimise productivity. At the same time the steam consumption is reduced leading to less fuel consumption and cutting down costs for water and energy.

Kurita Dropwise Technology is a sustainable technology leading to a reduction of carbon dioxide emission supporting the development of an eco-friendly society.

Technology Features and Benefits

Higher Heat Transfer Efficiency

Increased Productivity

Lower Steam Consumption


Kurita Dropwise Technology has been proven to work across a variety of industries.

Condensation Mechanism

Kurita Dropwise Technology covers the entire surface with a water repellent film preventing water forming an isolating layer. The result is a significant improvement of heat transfer efficiency leading to reduced steam consumption, less CO2 emission and increased productivity.

Dropwise condensation mechanism

Kurita Dropwise Savings Calculator

Predicted Savings in your system


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Energy Conservation Grand Prize

Energy Conservation Grand Prize

Kurita was awarded by the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in the Product and Business Model category of the 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize organized by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan. The prize was awarded for the improved heat transfer efficiency through Kurita’s Dropwise Condensation Technology. This marks the second time Kurita has been recognized in the Energy Conservation Grand Prize, after winning the Energy Conservation Center Chairman’s Award for its DReeM Polymer™ Technology in 2017.

Customer Success Story

Case Studies

Improve Operation In Corrugated Board Manufacturing

8% reduction of fuel consumption

Increasing Heat Transfer At Power Generation Boiler Condenser

12% condenser efficiency improvement

Significant Energy Savings In A Textile Mill

8% reduction of steam consumption

Energy Savings In The Dryer Process Of A Papermill

7% power reduction

Energy Savings And Improved Operations In The Steam System Of Rubber Glove Production Process

3.3% reduction of steam consumption

Improvement Of Heat Transfer Coefficient In Ammonia Recovery Reboiler Unit

28.5% of heat transfer improvement

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