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Kurita's tailor-made equipment for water system monitoring.

Water quality parameters are very important when it comes to water system monitoring. This is not only true in cooling water technology, but everywhere were Kuritas products are being used in water treatment. Therefore Kurita offers the right and comprehensive solution for your application: Ranging from simple dosing pumps up to specific dosing and monitoring systems for specific products and or special applications. Kuritas equipment ensures that the correct product concentration is being used in your system. Furthermore, Kurita provides specific equipment designed to measure and monitor the active substances and the key performance indicators (KPIs) which are important in your system. These water quality parameters are measured as easy and as accurate as possible and necessary. Therefore you can be sure and see that the expected treatment effect is achieved.

Whenever possible the measuring principles for all water quality parameters are simulating the real plant conditions. Our broad and long experience in water treatment covers nearly all different types of applications and processes. This gives the know how to monitor KPIs like biofilm, corrosion and scale as close as possible to the real conditions: Inside the water system and the pipelines.

Kurita’s tailor-made equipment for water system monitoring can cover your needs in the following industries:

Depending on the treatment program like corrosion inhibiting and scale prevention, reliable measurements and sensors are conducted through tailor-made dosing & monitoring equipment. These monitors represent the latest state of the art technology in monitoring concepts.

We only sell what our customer really needs. With competent dosing and monitoring systems, Kurita offers:

  • Combined solutions for product dosage and control
  • Analysis of water quality parameters and real active substance
  • The reliable measure of plant conditions and KPIs
  • Simulating real plant conditions
  • Smooth plant operation
  • Total Cost of Ownership reduction

More information regarding our equipment and solutions:

  • S.sensing Matrix System: Learn how to control product dosage and monitor KPIs with this new cooling water technology.
  • S.sensing CS: Kurita´s innovative way to optimize dosage of wastewater treatment products through online control.
  • HydroBio®Advance: Online method to determine and monitor possible biofilm development in all water systems.
  • Kuriauto® Online Monitoring: Advanced treatment programmes for water systems.
  • HydroBio®ASC: New online scaling monitoring for cooling water systems.

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